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Privacy Policy for
Conlin’s Copy Center, Inc.

Privacy Policy

The following information is intended specifically for Conlin’s Copy Center clients (dba Conlin’s Print) and other visitors who visit the Conlin’s Print website. This policy covers how we treat personal information we collect and receive from our site. This policy is effective as of September 30, 2012 and may be modified from time to time with all updates being included herein.

What Information We Gather

For visitors to the Conlin’s Copy Center website, we collect non-personally identifying information such as IP address, time of visit, click-sequence, and technical information about your browser. Non-personally identifying Information that we collect about the browsing habits of our visitors is used to optimize the design of our website by understanding what content our clients are interested in and how best to streamline the website to make it more user-friendly and beneficial for all of our visitors and clients.

For current Conlin’s Copy Center clients, we collect personally identifying information as part of the Terms of Service for using any Conlin’s Copy Center product. This information includes such things as name, physical address, phone number, email address and other information for billing and database purposes. Current clients can correct or update this information by logging into their Conlin’s Copy Center account. This information is used primarily for billing and contact purposes as it relates to the use of our products and enables us to better respond to our client’s needs via e-mail blasts and related social media.

How We Use Personally Identifiable Information

If you decide to provide us with personally identifiable information via our website, we will use your personally identifiable information to fulfill your request. We may also use the information you provide to notify you about important news and e-mails concerning new products and services, product or service updates, technical support issues, and special offers we think you may be interested in. We will NEVER sell any information that we have collected, personally identifying or otherwise, to a third party. This information is deemed proprietary information of Conlin’s Copy Center and will only be used by our staff.

Communications from Conlin’s Copy Center

Conlin’s Copy Center may also send email newsletters, social media and other announcements about new products or services, events or other potential uses of digital and print media. Additionally, we monitor the sessions of users in an effort to monitor usage levels and assist with website design and technical support. Conlin’s Copy Center respects the privacy of visitors to its web site and provides an option to all visitors to opt out or unsubscribe from all communications, as provided below. We regularly track our email campaigns by monitoring metrics such as open, click-thru, and no-response rates as well as all replies to our e-mails and other forms of social media. We also collect email addresses and contact information via our website. If you have provided your email address to us or we have acquired it via a third party, we may be able to identify your session on our website.

Transfer of Data

It is always possible that Conlin’s Copy Center could participate in an acquisition or merger, either as an acquirer or an acquired entity. If another entity acquires Conlin’s Copy Center through a purchase or other corporate transaction, all information previously collected by us, including non-personally identifiable information and personally identifiable information, would be transferred to the acquiring entity. In such event, Conlin’s Copy Center will safeguard the confidentiality of any personally identifiable information transferred to the acquiring entity and we will either (i) ensure that the privacy policies of the acquiring entity are at least as protective of the personally identifiable information as per our privacy policy, or (ii) provide you notice before any personally identifiable information is transferred and becomes subject to a different policy.

Access to Your Data

If your personally identifiable information changes, or if you wish that your personally identifiable information no longer be used by us, you may correct, update or delete your personally identifiable information by sending an email to us at or by contacting us by telephone at the telephone numbers provided below. We will use good-faith efforts to provide you access to your personally identifiable information, correct the data if incorrect or incomplete or delete the data at your request if not required by law to be retained by us. We may decline to respond to requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require excessive technical effort or resources, jeopardize the privacy rights of third parties or would be unreasonably burdensome.

Opt Out / Unsubscribe

If you have received email communications from us and would like to opt-out of future mailings, please visit our unsubscribe page and provide us with all requested information. Your email address will be permanently removed from our email lists in a timely manner, which may take up to five (5) business days to process. You also have the ability, when asked for personally identifiable information, to elect not to have your personally identifiable information used for certain purposes. For example, if you purchase services from Conlin’s Copy Center but do not wish to receive any additional marketing material from Conlin’s Copy Center you may indicate your preference at that time.

Data Ownership

Our clients own the information collected using Conlin’s Copy Center’s services. We store this information for them for the duration of our contractual agreement. Unless required by law, we will not divulge any statistics or other data collected by our products to any party other than our client. When a contract with one of our clients is terminated, we will keep data for a discretionary period of time after the termination of the contract, and then we will permanently delete or destroy such information. Our clients may retain that information for any length of time, in accordance with their respective privacy policies. The Conlin’s Copy Center privacy policy is complimentary to the privacy policy adopted by our clients and appearing on our clients’ respective websites. Although Conlin’s Copy Center expects that its clients will comply with all laws and applicable regulations when using the Conlin’s Copy Center services, Conlin’s Copy Center does not make any warranty or guarantee as to how its clients may handle information obtained from or stored through our service. If we discover that a client of ours has engaged in unethical or illegal activities, Conlin’s Copy Center may suspend that client’s services (after a warning) and may report such client to the proper authorities. If you have a concern about the policy of a particular client of Conlin’s Copy Center, please refer to that entity’s website for their individual privacy policy or contact them directly.

Data Security

The integrity and security of the data we collect and store is a priority. We use industry security best practices to ensure the data remains secure, including SSL encryption for data collection, proactive server security audits, proprietary encryption algorithms for database storage, redundant systems and data backup.

What Information We Gather for Clients

When used by our clients, our software services collect non-personally identifying information such as IP address, domain name, pages that were viewed, the referral source of the, and technical information such as browser type and operating system. Additionally, our website product captures transaction information, such as consumer shopping cart interaction, and check-out statistics such as purchase size and most popular products. Depending on the level of service that a client selects, our software may also collect and use certain personally identifying information. Although we store this information for our clients, it is still owned by our clients. Furthermore, our software is not technically capable of gathering personal identifiable information from any consumer on our clients’ behalf without consumer consent. Accordingly, any personally identifiable information that is stored in our system must have been collected with the consent of the consumer. The personally identifiable information that our software uses includes email address, a site username, a physical address, a telephone number, and other information that a consumer has provided to our client (by signing up for services, by subscribing to emails, etc.). Personally identifiable information is NOT shared among our clients and is owned in whole by the client with the relationship with the consumer. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of our clients to learn how they may use this data. Conlin’s Copy Center does not collect individual profile information across multiple client websites for aggregation. Our clients only have access to the data collected from their own respective websites, and we do not build an aggregate profile of a visitor’s browsing habits.

Consumer Opt-Out / Unsubscribe

We respect the privacy of our clients and visitors to our website. There is a opt-out and unsubscribe feature on our website and we ask you to review these features if you want to unsubscribe to any email communications or opt out of any data gathering activities.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

When you visit our website, a cookie is sent to your computer or other device that identifies your browser. All web browsers offer the option to refuse any cookie. If a consumer refuses our cookie, we cannot collect any information on that user. We may also use web beacons, which are anonymous objects embedded in a website enabling us to track who has viewed the site or what portion of the site was viewed. We use web beacons in conjunction with cookies to improve the quality of our website. Neither cookies nor web beacons contain any personal identifiable information, but they do facilitate the general functionality of our website.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By using Conlin’s Copy Center Website, you consent to the terms contained in this Privacy Policy and to any subsequently posted changes to the Privacy Policy. Conlin’s Copy Center may update or change this Privacy Policy and will post any changes on this page.

Questions, Complaints and Enforcement

If you have a question or complaint regarding our privacy policy or our use of personal information, you may contact Conlin’s Copy Center through this web site or by writing us at the following address:

Privacy Officer
Conlin’s Copy Center Corporation
1011 West Eighth Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: (610) 337-4460

Conlin’s Copy Center will contact you regarding your concerns. If the complaint or issue cannot be resolved by us, we will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including any local data protection authorities, to resolve an issue regarding the use of personal information.